Nourish your body from the inside out & fuel a life well-loved.

You don’t have to be on a diet to finally feel healthy or lose weight. Learn how to nourish and fuel your body with real food to meet and maintain your health goals.

If you’re tired of…

  • Constantly feeling hungry (or even hangry)
  • Feeling tired all day
  • Questioning your food choices (is this healthy for me? what’s the best option?)
  • Feeling lost in the grocery store
  • Googling everything and still wondering whether or not it’s the right information
  • Trying diet after diet, only to find nothing works long term or feels sustainable
  • Fearing foods (like carbs or fats – or both!)
  • Feeling restricted and deprived not only from food, but from the joy of eating
  • Constantly thinking about food
  • Feeling overwhelmed by food cravings
  • Dealing with aches, pains, and general “blah” feelings day-to-day
  • Feeling bloated or dealing with digestive issues
  • Feeling cold all the time
  • Covering up acne
  • Lacking the energy and motivation to do the things you love

And want to…

  • Feel confident in your food choices
  • Find food freedom
  • Fuel a healthy metabolism
  • Promote healthy, clear skin
  • Reduce or eliminate aches, pains, and that “blah” feeling
  • Improve digestion and have less bloating
  • Find joy in food again
  • Stop feeling deprived
  • Break away from an all-or-nothing mindset
  • Know exactly what to look for when grocery shopping
  • Achieve your healthiest weight
  • Feel well-nourished and energized for life and the activities you enjoy
  • Go from simply surviving to thriving

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What people are saying:

Braelynne changed my life! She worked with me through my mental illness, with extreme patience and understanding that nutrition science couldn’t solve my emotional trauma and PTSD alone, and that it would take time to retrain my brain to think differently about food. By making small but effective changes to my daily food habits and choices that she suggested, over time I was able to truly recover from BED–a life-altering illness that I thought was going to eventually kill me! Braelynne encouraged a newly found freedom in my heart and mind around eating. I was no longer following strict “diet” rules that made me feel miserable with no energy, or made me feel guilty when I strayed from them on occasion. She promotes a balanced diet and intuitive eating approach that gave my mind a break. I learned to make smart, science-based, nutritious food decisions on my own, without being a slave to a specific meal plan with a set calories in calories out approach.


Shortly after the dog bites I developed the autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis. It progressed to a point where I could no longer use my hands. Both ankles and my left knee were also highly affected and the pain level was extreme.

I decided to change course drastically and was consulted by Braelynne on using foods and nutrition to change how my body functions. What has occurred in the past year and a half is nothing short of a miracle.

With her guidance we eliminated all foods that are inflammatory in nature, which all but stopped the swelling in my joints and subsequently removed the pain. Her knowledge on nutrition is second to none and more importantly she listens to your situation, analyzes it, and then comes up with a solution. I have told her many times that she has saved my life and I am eternally grateful.

The Rheumatology doctors at Dartmouth are amazed at the results, they were the ones who told me I would never get better without pharmaceutical medication. With Braelynne’s guidance and the hard data, we were able to prove them wrong.

I’m drug free, running three miles three times a week and working out with free weights five days a week. It is so refreshing to see that there are viable alternatives to drugs. The key is finding a knowledgeable dietitian that can style a program for you to follow, the rest is up to you. With Braelynne you’re already halfway there. I cannot recommend her more highly.